Video: Amazon fires Killed Two Couple died while trying to protect their home

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The home of Eidi Rodrigues and her husband Romildo – a wooden shack with a thatched roof – now lies in ruins.

It was their first house, and it made them proud.

The couple lived in Machadinho D’Oeste, a rural village in the Amazon state of Rondonia in north-west Brazil.

It is a region marred by land disputes, and among communities in Machadinho D’Oeste, it is common practice to clear land for pastures and crops.

Fires had been a constant concern for the couple, who feared that those started by their neighbours could spread to their backyard, especially during periods of drought.

On 13 August, Eidi and Romildo’s worst fears were realised.

The wooden shack was the first ever property the couple owned
The wooden shack was the first ever property the couple owned

The couple died while trying to protect their home, unable to escape when the flames got out of control.

“People use fire to clear the land in this region, but on that day it was very windy. The fire spread too quickly and didn’t give them time to run away,” Jeigislaine Carvalho, one of Eidi’s daughters, told the BBC.


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